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Dynamic Manager's Guide To Sales Techniques

Selling is a creative act when you do it Dave Donelson’s way. You’ll build new demand for your products and services, find more new customers, and develop closer, stronger relationships with your existing clients when you practice Creative Selling. Learn all the basic techniques of selling like the sure-fire way to make cold call appointments, deliver dynamic sales presentations, find the path around price objections, and overcome your fear of closing the sale.

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Creative selling works in good economies and bad, whether you’re selling widgets or financial services, roaming nationwide territories or confined to a retail store. Learn the basic principles of making a sale and hone your advanced selling skills while you build a super sales career.

What’s inside?

Chapter 1 - Creativity In Sales
Chapter 2 - Tactical And Strategic Advantages
Chapter 3 - Selling A Basket Of Solutions
Chapter 4 - Sell On The First Call
Chapter 5 - Prospect Knowledge
Chapter 6 - How Much Can They Spend?
Chapter 7 - Uncovering Prospect Needs
Chapter 8 - Ideas To Sell
Chapter 9 - Price It In Writing
Chapter 10 - Your Written Proposal
Chapter 11 - Alternative Proposals
Chapter 12 - Demand Stage Selling
Chapter 13 - Getting Your Foot In The Door
Chapter 14 - Getting Past The Screeners
Chapter 15 - Getting A Cold Call Appointment
Chapter 16 - Persistence Counts
Chapter 17 - The Brochure Brush-Off
Chapter 18 - Essential Presentation Skills
Chapter 19 - Your Creative Presentation Script
Chapter 20 - Honing Your Presentation Skills
Chapter 21 - Fear Of Closing
Chapter 22 - Buying Signals
Chapter 23 - Closing Techniques
Chapter 24 - Objections In Four Steps
Chapter 25 - Four Non-Price Objections
Chapter 26 - The Path Around Price Objections
Chapter 27 - The Maybe Challenge
Chapter 28 - Successful Call-Backs
Chapter 29 - Managing A Complex Sale
Chapter 30 - Opening Closed Doors
Chapter 31 - Presentations To Groups
Chapter 32 - Team Presentations
Chapter 33 - Negotiating Like A Pro
Chapter 34 - Case Study: Should Retail Art Gallery Prices Be Negotiable?
Chapter 35 - Retail Up-Selling
Chapter 36 - Creating An Effective Retail Sales Environment
Chapter 37 - Case Study: Selling Intangibles In The Automotive Aftermarket
Chapter 38 - Sales Promotions With Consequences
Chapter 39 - Creating Repeat Sales
Chapter 40 - Case Study: Chacon Autos Steers Through A Downturn
Chapter 41 - Keeping Your Business Customer-Friendly
Chapter 42 - Three Sure Ways To Drive Away Customers
Chapter 43 - Dealing With Difficult Customers
Chapter 44 - Case Study: Managing Unhappy Service Customers
Chapter 45 - Finding Prospects
Chapter 46 - Turning Suspects Into Prospects
Chapter 47 - Time Management And Sales Priorities
Chapter 48 - Time Management And Sales Planning
Chapter 49 - Sales And Technology
Chapter 50 - Persistence Counts
Chapter 51 - Self-Motivation And Creative Selling

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