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From an Amazon reviewer

Dave Donelson spent many years in the small business trenches and it shows in this book. He understands what makes a small business work and knows how to make it work better. His advice is practical, his approach realistic, and he keeps the preaching to a minimum.

As a small business owner myself, I identified with many of the entrepreneurs the author interviewed. They include a wide range of businesses in retailing, service, and manufacturing. The book is basically a collection of articles Donelson wrote for various trade publications (there's a list in the front of the book) covering auto service, nurseries, pizza parlors, health clubs, home building, art galleries, and many more. He does a good job of showing how the problems and solutions in one type of business apply to another. --read the full review

From an Amazon reviewer

Having owned and operated a business for many years, I found this book quite valuable and realistic. Unlike most business how-to books, this one is more than just the author giving advice. Donelson cites numerous business owners who talk about the issues they faced and how they dealt with them. That real-life approach is not only informative but more readable than the usual platitudes and pontifications from business consultants. --read the full review

From an Amazon reviewer

I really appreciated reading The Dynamic Managers Guide to Marketing and Advertising: How to Grow sales and Boost Your Profits. As a photographer who is serious about growing my business, I have read a few different books devoted to the subject, as well as having spent a lot of time talking to marketers and doing my own research on the Internet. What sticks out in my mind about this particular book is that not only does it have a refreshingly honest approach in breaking down the steps one should take, but there aren't a lot of vague buzzwords and cutesy false-feeling over-enthusiasm that is so prevalent in the marketing styles that I have encountered. The Dynamic Managers Guide to Marketing and Advertising: How to Grow Sales and Boost Your Profits covers no nonsense articles about how other businesses have succeeded and grown, how to set your product apart from the competition, how to figure out pricing your product, as well as extremely helpful ideas to use for your own advertising and marketing campaigns.

From an Amazon reviewer

I worked in financial services and marketing for 30 years. I wish I had a book like this when I first embarked on my marketing career. Mr. Donelson offers some clear and concise practices to encourage success in a sales/marketing position regardless of the industry. His writing style is crisp, yet full of energy. I especially appreciate his candor regarding the development of a sales relationship and the time and finesse it takes to build and then maintain long term business with your clients. It is obvious that this author practices what he preaches and is a "dynamic manager" willing to share his keys to success with all of us. Bottom line: Whether you are a seasoned marketing or sales professional or just starting your career, "the Dynamic Manager's Guide To Marketing & Advertising..." is a great read.

From an Amazon reviewer

Most business how-to books are long on pronouncements and short on practical advice. The Dynamic Manager's Guide to Marketing and Advertising is just the opposite. Dave Donelson takes time to explain the "whys" of various marketing tactics, but spends most of his time telling you "how" in plain English. As a marketing professional, I found the approach refreshing. --read the full review


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