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Businesses that thrive--and the managers who run them--are good marketers. Dave Donelson distills the experiences of hundreds of business owners--and his own as an entrepreneur and consultant--into this guide to attracting customers, persuading them to buy, and turning them into customers for life.

Read a sample chapter about marketing
Read a sample chapter about advertising

Dave talks about marketing (mp3)
Dave talks about advertising (mp3)

Managers and entrepreneurs just like you tell how they handle the nitty-gritty details of creating ads, buying media, designing promotions, and many other tasks of good marketing.

Insightful case studies of companies across the country--retailers, manufacturers, service providers, and more--show how marketing drives successful businesses. As a bonus, you’ll get twenty-three promotions and ad campaigns you can use. Study them, run them, or adapt them to your needs--they’ll all been proven to work for businesses just like yours.

What’s inside?

Section One - Marketing: How To Create And Nurture Your Best Customers
Chapter 1  Marketing With A Capital “P”
Chapter 2  How Many Baskets For How Many Eggs?
Chapter 3  Case Study: Conwin Carbonic Inflates An Industry
Chapter 4  How Niche Is Your Market?
Chapter 5  Seven Ways To Wow Your Customers
Chapter 6  Specialty Market Case Study: Selling To Off-Roaders
Chapter 7  First Impressions
Chapter 8  Welcome All Newbies
Chapter 9  Beat The Big Box
Chapter 10  Case Study: Schweser’s Little Stores On The Prairie
Chapter 11  The Magic of Pricing
Chapter 12  Specialty Market Case Study: Artists And Their Prices
Chapter 13  Two Ways To Compete Without Chopping Prices
Chapter 14  Specialty Market Case Study: Sportswear And Speedwear
Chapter 15  Marketing in Cyberspace: Not A Buck Rogers Idea
Chapter 16  Blogging, Social Media, And Other Online Marketing
Chapter 17  Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
Chapter 18  Specialty Market Case Study: Automotive Aftermarket
Chapter 19  Specialty Market Case Study: Sports Team Sponsorships
Chapter 20  Business To Business Marketing - Beyond the Price Sheet
Chapter 21  Speaking Up For Your Business
Chapter 22  Tune Your Company’s Publicity Machine

Section Two - Advertising: How To Grow Your Business With Ads That Work
Chapter 23  The Advertising Conundrum
Chapter 24  Advertising Goals, Part One: Your Image
Chapter 25  Advertising Goals, Part Two: Your Sales
Chapter 26  Advertising Goals, Part Three: Positioning Your Business
Chapter 27  Where To Find Advertising Ideas
Chapter 28  Five Rules For Effective Advertising
Chapter 29  Effective Advertising Is Local
Chapter 30  Say It Over And Over Again And Again And Again
Chapter 31  Case Study: P.C. Richard & Sons
Chapter 32  Pay Attention To Attention
Chapter 33  Advertising’s Four-Letter Word
Chapter 34  Just A Little Reminder
Chapter 35  Should Price Be In The Picture?
Chapter 36  Four Rules For Buying Advertising
Chapter 37  Case Study: Lehman’s Hardware

Section Three - Promotions And Ad Campaigns You Can Use
About These Marketing Ideas
Idea 1 – The Distance Discount
Idea 2 – Neighborhood Bulletin Board
Idea 3 – Satisfied Neighbors
Idea 4 – The Hands-On Marathon
Idea 5 – How To Buy Anything
Idea 6 – Frozen Ropes
Idea 7 – Safe Kids
Idea 8 – The Weekend Media Extravaganza
Idea 9 – Real People
Idea 10 – Life Stages
Idea 11 – Brought To You By
A Dozen Holiday Promotions


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