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Dynamic Manager's Guide To More Sales

Successfully managing a business takes knowledge, skills, and guts. A little luck doesn’t hurt, either. The best managers constantly study finances, marketing, employee motivation, merchandising, and much more. Practical Management is based on interviews with retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, service providers, restaurateurs, and others wholes stores contain lessons for managers in every industry.

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Management is an occupation not for the faint of heart, nor for those whose goal every day is to spend eight hours collecting a paycheck while expending as little effort as possible. Really, really good managers do whatever is needed to keep their business operating at top form--and then some.

What’s inside?

Section One – Financing Your Company
Chapter 1 – Don’t Just Hope For Success, Plan For It
Chapter 2 – Where To Find Money
Chapter 3 – Is Cash King?
Chapter 4 – Case Study: Serial Acquisitions

Section Two – Company Strategies
Chapter 5 – Change Is In The Air Everywhere
Chapter 6 – Temptation By The Numbers
Chapter 7 – Details, Details, Details
Chapter 8 – Negotiate Your Way To Profits
Chapter 9 – Training Yourself
Chapter 10 – Case Study: Man Against Machine
Chapter 11 – Greening Your Company

Section Three – Employees
Chapter 12 – Five Steps To Hiring Good People
Chapter 13 – Hiring Tips: Wholesale Distributor Sales
Chapter 14 – Hiring Tips: Health Club Staff
Chapter 15 – Hiring Tips: Automotive Sales
Chapter 16 – Hiring Tips: Craft Gallery Staff
Chapter 17 – Hiring Tips: Sporting Goods Retailer
Chapter 18 – Make Interviews Meaningful
Chapter 19 – First Things First For New Hires
Chapter 20 – Making The Good Great
Chapter 21 – Should You Bribe Or Bully?
Chapter 22 – Fire ‘Em Up Or Just Fire ‘Em?
Chapter 23 – Case Study: Employee Motivation De-Mystified
Chapter 24 – Case Study: Tune Up Your Technicians
Chapter 25 – Solving The Problem Of Problem Employees
Chapter 26 – Do You Need A Second In Command?
Chapter 27 – Managing Einstein
Chapter 28 – Case Study: The Employee Family

Section Four – Sales & Marketing
Chapter 29 – Creative Marketing For Tough Times
Chapter 30 – Case Study: Multiply Your Profits With Multiple Locations
Chapter 31 – Case Study: Selling Tangibles With Intangible Appeals
Chapter 32 – Trade Show Exhibition For Fun And Profit
Chapter 33 – Getting The Most Out Of Attending Trade Shows
Chapter 34 – Trade Show Seller Secrets

Section Five – Family Business Strategies
Chapter 35 – The Family Business Soap Opera
Chapter 36 – Case Study: Changing Direction From Generation To Generation
Chapter 37 – Case Study: Growth Through Family Ownership
Chapter 38 – Case Study: Family Ownership But Not Family Management
Chapter 39 – Case Study: Mixing Family And Non-family Owners
Chapter 40 – Case Study: Adapting To A Changing Market
Chapter 41 – Case Study: Family Dynamics Move The Business
Chapter 42 – Case Study: The Family Tyrant
Chapter 43 – Case Study: Learning At The Founder’s Knee
Chapter 44 – Case Study: Mixing Technology With Tradition
Chapter 45 – Case Study: Family Tragedy Shapes Company Future
Chapter 46 – It’s Never Too Soon To Plan For Succession

Section Six – Wit & Wisdom
Chapter 47 – Invent This…Please
Chapter 48 – Industry Insights: Convenience Stores
Chapter 49 – Industry Insights: Health Clubs
Chapter 50 – Industry Insights: Sporting Goods Retailers
Chapter 51 – If I Knew Then What I Know Now…
Chapter 52 – Industry Insights: LP Gas Distributors
Chapter 53 – Industry Insights: Automotive Service
Chapter 54 – Industry Insights: Golf Course Operators
Chapter 55 – Industry Insights: Pizza Restaurants

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