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RetailingBeat The Big Box
The Dynamic Managers Handbook Of Winning The Retail Battle
ebook ISBN: 9781458167422

Available for your Kindle, Nook, iPad and other ebook readers.

How do you compete with volume purchasing, minimum-wage labor, and massive advertising budgets? By giving your customers what they really want—personal service, attention to their needs, and a relationship they can trust. Practical case studies show how companies just like yours beat the big box retailer.

Independent retailers face competition on every front, but Big Box stores are often the most pressing threat to their existence. This handbook identifies the weaknesses in the Big Box approach and explains how an independent retailer can exploit them by playing to their own strengths.

“Case Study: Schweser’s” tells the story of one small-town merchant that has developed an effective strategy to compete head-to-head with Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, and other giant retailers.

“The Magic Of Pricing” describes the nuts and bolts of setting prices that attract customers while preserving your profit margin.

“Two Ways To Compete” shows how several small business operators use high-level customer relationships and top-quality service to deliver value that trumps price in their customer’s minds.


Customer RelationsCustomer Relations
The Dynamic Managers Handbook Of Customer Satisfaction
ebook ISBN: 9781458076984

Available for your Kindle, Nook, iPad and other ebook readers.

Successful companies give their customers lots of reasons to come back again and again. You can create more satisfied customers using the dozens of techniques in this handbook. From the first impression you make to the multitude of reasons you give them to come back again, this handbook will help you build solid, lasting customer relationships.

Repeat sales are generally more profitable than new ones, so smart companies work hard to build a base of satisfied customers.  This handbook uses real-world examples to give you dozens of ideas for making your customers want to come back again.

“Seven Ways To Wow Your Customers” describes how little surprises can create a warm spot for your business in the customer’s heart.

“Case Study: Selling to Off-Roaders” explains how knowing your customers pays off, especially in specialty or niche markets.

“First Impressions” shows you how to evaluate the first impression you make on your customers and how that shapes your future relationship with them.

“Welcome All Newbies” points out some of the pitfalls of dismissing the first-time buyer as too much trouble to deal with.


Retail SellingRetail Selling
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook On How To Increase Retail Sales
ebook ISBN: 978-1458185648

Available for your Kindle, Nook, iPad and other ebook readers.

Retail selling should be an active process. Salespeople in stores don’t have to wait for the customer to buy something—they can increase sales and earn bigger commissions with some simple creative selling techniques. The result? The customer buys more items more frequently. The retail store environment makes a difference, too.

The retail salesperson can sell more by using creative selling methods to present product benefits, overcome objections, and close the sale, but they also face other challenges and opportunities. Determining customer needs is difficult when the customer can just walk away. Building a base of repeat business is tough when the customer initiates most transactions. The store surroundings can help—or hinder—the salesperson’s efforts.

All of these challenges can be overcome, however, and the salesperson can increase sales by applying some common sense, no-pressure selling tactics.

“Retail Up-Selling” explains how to increase the size of each customer’s order without using hard-sell methods.

“Creating An Effective Retail Sales Environment” helps the store owner or manager see what the customer experiences when they come through the door.

“Should Retail Art Gallery Prices Be Negotiable?” is a case study that applies to retail sellers in all markets.

“Selling Intangibles In The Automotive Aftermarket” is a case study about linking profitable items like service to retail purchases.


Customer ServiceCustomer Service
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook On How To Build Customer Loyalty
ebook ISBN: 978-1458059277

Available for your Kindle, Nook, iPad and other ebook readers.

Good customers are hard to find, but they are easy to lose. Keeping your current customers happy may be the most important marketing strategy for any small business owner. From small things like your telephone greeting to large ones like how you handle complaints, everything you and your staff does affects your customer relationships.

How do you manage the customer who refuses to be satisfied? That’s just one of the many customer relations dilemmas facing small business owners and managers every day. This collection contains dozens of tactics for keeping your customers happy so they not only stay with you, they bring their friends along, too!

“Keeping Your Business Customer Friendly” points out numerous small things that can turn into big customer irritants if you’re not careful.

“Three Sure Ways To Drive Away Customers” explains how staff attitudes and communication skills ultimately determine just how loyal your customers remain.

“Dealing With Difficult Customers” shows how to turn that steaming monster into a happy, satisfied, repeat buyer.

“Managing Unhappy Service Business Customers” examines the special customer relations problems faced by businesses like repair shops.

“Case Study: Chacon Autos Steers Through A Downturn” goes behind the scenes to see how strong customer relations helped this small business prosper while their competition floundered.

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