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ProfitsProfit Makers
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook On How To Run A Better Business
ebook ISBN: 978-1466136335

Available for your Kindle, Nook, iPad and other ebook readers.

Good managers step back to get a wider view of their company from time to time. They make sure it responds to the market and stays on the path to maximum profits. To make the hard decisions that lead to success, the small business manager needs a variety of skills, knowledge of his or her industry, and a strong grasp of business strategy.

Some of us fight change and some of us embrace it, but we all have to deal with it. This handbook covers a variety of management techniques to manage change while maximizing profits.

“Change Is In The Air Everywhere” explores the many changes that affect your business. Customers come and go and their needs are new every day. Employees, vendors, even the tools you use are in a constant state of flux.

“Temptation By The Numbers” gives you a blueprint for evaluating potential new lines of merchandise or services.

“Details, Details, Details” explains how the little things you do can add up to big profits for your business.

“Negotiate Your Way To Profits” details how to prepare for and execute successful negotiations with suppliers, customers, and employees.

“Training Yourself” lists numerous resources to help you improve your management skills.

“Case Study: Man Against Machine” looks at the ways rapidly-changing technology affects companies in the automotive aftermarket with lessons for businesses in all industries.

“Greening Your Company” shows the profit potential in making your company environmentally conscious.


Finance and raise capitalFinance Your Company
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook On How To Manage Your Cash For Growth
ebook ISBN: 978-1465757111

Available for your Kindle, Nook, iPad and other ebook readers.

Running a successful business is all about the money—where to find it, how to manage it, how to make and keep more of it. Sound company finances don’t just happen, you have to plan for them. This handbook simplifies financial planning, shows how to find cash for your business, and explains how to manage your money through good times and bad.

Inadequate funding causes most business failures. Good financial management will not only keep your company afloat, but enable it to grow and prosper.

“Plan For Success” gives you a blueprint for a sound financial plan for your company. It’s more than just numbers—a good business plan will focus your company on the ultimate source of cash—your customers.

“Where To Find The Money” shows you how to borrow without getting in over your head. Financial leverage can boost your profits as long as you do it wisely.

“Is Cash King?” explores the cash management experiences of several companies. Learn how to get and manage cash from their mistakes—and successes.

“Case Study: Serial Acquisitions” follows the ups and downs of a century-old family-owned company as they make both good and bad buying decisions. Their story covers both the pitfalls and profits to be made by growing through acquisition.


HiringStrategic Hiring
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook On How To Hire The Best Employees
ebook ISBN: 978-1458100115

Available for your Kindle, Nook, iPad and other ebook readers.

Hiring decisions may be the most important ones a manager makes. Whether adding a salesperson or replacing a clerk, you need to attract qualified candidates, sift through them to choose the best, and hire the individual who will become an asset to the company. While the basic goal of strategic hiring is the same for every business, particular industries often use different tactics to achieve it.

You can’t spend too much time or effort on good hiring. The alternative is managing the wrong person for the job, which is far more difficult. A good hire rewards you every day you work with them.

“Five Steps to Hiring Good People – An Overview” takes you through creating a job description, screening applicants, interviewing candidates, testing their skills, and checking references before making a final decision.

In five chapters, managers of companies in different industries describe how they go about finding and hiring the best. Positions covered include Wholesale Distributor Sales, Health Club Staff,  Automotive Sales, Craft Gallery Staff, and Sporting Goods Retailers.

“Make Interviews Meaningful” gives you some guidelines on structuring and conducting insightful interviews as well as a list of simple open-ended questions to get you started.


MotivationEmployee Motivation
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook On How To Manage And Motivate
ebook ISBN: 978-1466019072

Available for your Kindle, Nook, iPad and other ebook readers.

People can make or break your business, so helping them achieve your goals is key to your company’s success. This handbook covers the entire process from orienting new employees to training, promoting, and even terminations. Motivation in many forms and dealing with problem employees receive special attention. Case studies and advice comes from small business managers in many fields.

“First Things First For New Hires” explains how to orient, train, and evaluate the new employee during a standard 90-day trial period.

“Making The Good Great By Training Them” shows how to training can both motivate your staff and maximize their performance.

In “Should You Bribe Or Bully Your Team?” several managers tell how they motivate to achieve both long- and short-term objectives.

“Fire ‘Em Up or Fire ‘Em?” explores different ways to creating an efficient, productive, and motivated staff.

“Case Study: Retail Employee Motivation De-Mystified” outlines specific methods from compensation to rules of conduct that help retailers get the most from their staff.

“Case Study: Tune Up Your Auto Service Technicians” looks at the different things that motivate non-sales employees to do their jobs better.

“Solving the Problem Of Problem Employees” explains what to do when employee performance breaks down.

“Do You Need A Second-in-Command?” shows how to choose, train, and motivate line managers.


Family BusinessFamily Business
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook On How To Build A Successful Family Company
ebook ISBN: 978-1466001190

Available for your Kindle, Nook, iPad and other ebook readers.

Dilemmas and dramas are inherent in family businesses. Managing a company with family members as part of the workforce creates endless conflict while separating family demands from company needs can be nearly impossible. This handbook uses ten case studies to examine issues from hiring family members to planning for transition of ownership to the next generation.

Family businesses confront the same problems faced by any small company—and then some. Squabbles over titles and responsibilities get confused with sibling rivalries while adapting to changing market conditions often conflicts with cherished tradition. The very real family-owned companies in this handbook represent a cross-section of enterprises passed down from generation to generation. In every one, they’ve faced down the demons of family involvement and built growing, successful companies.

“The Family Business Soap Opera” explores the major dramas family business owners live through every day.

“Changing Direction From Generation To Generation” tells how a jewelry retailer overcame the foibles of a patriarch who dominated the company for 40 years.

“Growth Through Family Ownership” explains how family ownership helped an LP Gas distributor increase sales 50 times.

“Family Ownership But Not Family Management” shows how one family in the publishing business turned management over to a non-family team while maintaining control over their company’s future.

“Adapting To A Changing Market” is the story of a daughter who re-created her father’s small manufacturing company in response to customer demands.

“Mixing Family And Non-Family Owners” explores how a real estate investment and management firm communicates with dozens of outside investors while keeping management in the family.

“Family Dynamics Move The Business” is the story of how an auto dealer group deals with sibling rivalries and an 80-year-old founder who won’t let go.

“The Family Tyrant” looks behind the scenes at one of the golf industries most successful equipment companies to see how the strong-minded patriarch nearly destroyed it.

“Learning At The Founder’s Knee” looks at mentorship from the second-generation’s perspective in a janitorial supply business.

“Mixing Technology With Tradition” follows the development of a paint and home decorating retailer as it passes to the fourth generation of family ownership.

“Family Tragedy Shapes Company Future” is the story of how three very young brothers and their sister saved their family’s ski resort and real estate company after their parents died in a plane crash.

“It’s Never Too Late To Plan For Succession” explains how to prepare yourself and your company for ownership transition.


Business Wit and WisdomWit And Wisdom
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook Of Management Mistakes And Lessons Learned
ebook ISBN: 978-1465940797

Available for your Kindle, Nook, iPad and other ebook readers.

The only thing better than learning from your own mistakes is learning from the mistakes of others. In this handbook, dozens of small business owners and managers share their experiences with customers, employees, competitors, vendors, and even government regulators. They also brainstorm about ways to improve their companies. Their stories will help you become a better manager.

What would make your business more successful? Dave Donelson asked retailers, manufacturers, restaurant owners, service providers, and many others what they needed to take their companies to the next level. He also asked them to share the lessons they’ve learned over the years with other business operators. Sharing their thoughts and experiences are managers of convenience stores, health clubs, sporting goods retailers, LP gas distributors, automotive service providers, golf course operators, and restaurateurs. Their stories are wistful and whimsical as well as insightful and practical.

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