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The Dynamic Manager Handbooks are for entrepreneurs, managers, and others who want to succeed in small business by learning more about management techniques, operations, and best practices. Each of the 20 volumes in the collection is devoted to a single topic so you can focus on the skills that concern you most. The material was extracted from the Dynamic Manager Guides and published in special ebook editions.

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Management Skills




Profit Makers
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook On How To Run A Better Business
ebook ISBN: 978-1466136335

Good managers step back to get a wider view of their company from time to time. They make sure it responds to the market and stays on the path to maximum profits. To make the hard decisions that lead to success, the small business manager needs a variety of skills, knowledge of his or her industry, and a strong grasp of business strategy.

Finance Your Company
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook On How To Manage Your Cash For Growth
ebook ISBN: 978-1465757111

Running a successful business is all about the money—where to find it, how to manage it, how to make and keep more of it. Sound company finances don’t just happen, you have to plan for them. This handbook simplifies financial planning, shows how to find cash for your business, and explains how to manage your money through good times and bad.

Strategic Hiring
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook On How To Hire The Best Employees
ebook ISBN: 978-1458100115

Hiring decisions may be the most important ones a manager makes. Whether adding a salesperson or replacing a clerk, you need to attract qualified candidates, sift through them to choose the best, and hire the individual who will become an asset to the company. While the basic goal of strategic hiring is the same for every business, particular industries often use different tactics to achieve it.

Employee Motivation
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook On How To Manage And Motivate
ebook ISBN: 978-1466019072

People can make or break your business, so helping them achieve your goals is key to your company’s success. This handbook covers the entire process from orienting new employees to training, promoting, and even terminations. Motivation in many forms and dealing with problem employees receive special attention. Case studies and advice comes from small business managers in many fields.

Family Business
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook On How To Build A Successful Family Company
ebook ISBN: 978-1466001190

Dilemmas and dramas are inherent in family businesses. Managing a company with family members as part of the workforce creates endless conflict while separating family demands from company needs can be nearly impossible. This handbook uses ten case studies to examine issues from hiring family members to planning for transition of ownership to the next generation.

Wit And Wisdom
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook Of Management Mistakes And Lesson Learned
ebook ISBN: 978-1465940797

The only thing better than learning from your own mistakes is learning from the mistakes of others. In this handbook, dozens of small business owners and managers share their experiences with customers, employees, competitors, vendors, and even government regulators. They also brainstorm about ways to improve their companies. Their stories will help you become a better manager.


Marketing and Advertising Skills

Five Rules Of Advertising
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook Of Small Business Advertising
ebook ISBN: 978-1458188007

Effective, results-producing small business advertising isn’t impossible, it’s just hard. It’s hard to make good ads, it’s hard to buy efficient media, it’s hard to judge results. But it’s not impossible. All you need to do is know your customer, get their attention, sell them a benefit, leave a reminder, and spend your money wisely.

Sales Promotions
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook Of 23 Ad Campaigns And Sales Promotions You Can Use
ebook ISBN: 978-1452317328

Need a sales promotion? The Dynamic Manager offers 23 ad campaigns tested by businesses just like yours. Each idea includes step-by-step instructions as well as helpful do's and don'ts--including how to get others to pay for them! Use these ideas as is, adapt them to fit your business, or present them for staff brainstorming. They'll pump up sales today and build your customer base long term.

Marketing In Cyberspace
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook Of Social Media Marketing
ebook ISBN: 978-1458085870

The marketing potential of the Internet is limited only by your imagination. From a simple website to viral messages that spread the good word about your company to millions of interested, involved prospects worldwide, you can grow your business with a constantly evolving and increasingly exciting array of online tools.

Promotion and Public Relations
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook Of Alternative Ways To Build Your Business
ebook ISBN: 978-1458002044

You don’t need big advertising budgets to create awareness for your company. Solid public relations techniques, promotions that attract media attention, even self-managed speaking tours and sports team sponsorships can generate attention, convey your message, and put you at the top of the customer’s mind.

Trade Shows
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook On How To Maximize Your Expo Investment
ebook ISBN: 978-1466018235

Whether you’re an exhibitor or a visitor, trade shows can help build your business. You can meet new customers and suppliers, scope out the competition, catch up on industry trends and gossip, and even make a splash in the media. But there’s more to it than buying an ticket to the expo. This handbook will show you how to maximize the return on your trade show dollar.


Retailing Skills

Beat The Big Box
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook Of Winning The Retail Battle
ebook ISBN: 978-1458167422

How do you compete with volume purchasing, minimum-wage labor, and massive advertising budgets? By giving your customers what they really want—personal service, attention to their needs, and a relationship they can trust. Practical case studies show how companies just like yours beat the big box retailer.

Customer Relations
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook Of Customer Satisfaction
ebook ISBN: 978-1458076984

Successful companies give their customers lots of reasons to come back again and again. You can create more satisfied customers using the dozens of techniques in this handbook. From the first impression you make to the multitude of reasons you give them to come back again, this handbook will help you build solid, lasting customer relationships.

Retail Selling
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook On How To Increase Retail Sales
ebook ISBN: 978-1458185648

Retail selling should be an active process. Salespeople in stores don’t have to wait for the customer to buy something—they can increase sales and earn bigger commissions with some simple creative selling techniques. The result? The customer buys more items more frequently. The retail store environment makes a difference, too.

Customer Service
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook On How To Build Customer Loyalty
ebook ISBN: 978-1458059277

Good customers are hard to find, but they are easy to lose. Keeping your current customers happy may be the most important marketing strategy for any small business owner. From small things like your telephone greeting to large ones like how you handle complaints, everything you and your staff does affects your customer relationships.


Selling Skills

First Call Selling
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook On How To Make Sales On The First Call
ebook ISBN: 978-1458063007

One of the great myths of selling is that you must make a series of calls on a prospect to determine their needs before you can make a proposal. This is generally time-wasting nonsense based on a misunderstanding of consultive selling. Why wait? You’ll speed up the prospect’s decision-making process if you present an actionable proposal on the very first call. Here's how to do it.

Making Sales Appointments
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook On How To Reach Prospects
ebook ISBN: 978-1458116109

Making cold calls in this day of technology-protected, work-over-loaded executives isn’t easy. But you CAN navigate voice mail systems, bypass spam filters, dodge screeners, and connect with your prospects. This book shows you dozens of legitimate ways to make appointments and increase your sales.

Overcoming Objections
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook On How To Handle Sales Objections
ebook ISBN: 978-1458172099

Many obstacles get in the way of closing a sale, but customer objections are the most prevalent. Whether dealing with ever-present price objections or the infuriating “maybe” obstacle, good sellers don’t try to win the argument, they work to win the sale. If you use a jujitsu approach—using the objection’s own weight and momentum to further your goals—you’ll close more sales.

Closing The Sale
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook On How To Make Sales Happen
ebook ISBN: 978-1458159212

Closing the sale is the most misunderstood of all the selling skills. It’s also probably the most over-rated. But there’s no mystery involved. Just make the goal of every sales call to leave a happy customer behind. If you concentrate on sound communication and long-term relationships, you’ll find it easy to ask for the order.

Sales Time Management
The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook On How To Increase Sales Productivity
ebook ISBN: 978-1458014788

How sales people manage their time directly determines how successful they will be. Simply making more calls isn’t the only goal of time management. Prospect potential and quality of sales presentations are just as important. This system of setting priorities and managing time to meet them will produce more sales success.

Available for Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iPad, and other ebook devices.

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